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Meet Maxine

Hi friends! Welcome to Made with Max! I am Maxine, owner and event planner here. I’m a native Californian and have planted in Orlando raising my sweet family. I am happily married to my dear husband David and we have 3 wonderful, sweet children. 

I have a deep passion to bring people together and help others thrive and get connected. I love fine dining, action movies, traveling, dark chocolate, matcha lattes, meaningful conversations, and getting things done efficiently and with excellence. 

My mission at Made with Max is creating places and spaces where people can connect, find community, and experience culture. This brings me so much joy and I hope people can see that through the events as well. Ready to bring it to Orlando and beyond.

I’m so excited you are here! Stay tuned for what’s coming! See you there! 

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1 Corinthians 16:14


YOU are already wonderfully and beautifully made with amazing gifts and talents.


I love coming alongside (with) others and helping them thrive. It is an absolute joy to see people find their calling and live in it.


I love intentional moments. Doing things with excellence and quality. Living life to the max, working with joy and bringing community, connection, and cultures together.